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Smart Media Buying Just Got Smarter. Much Smarter.

Unlock untapped audiences and unparalleled ROI with our advanced technology, unique traffic channels, and unmatched expertise.

We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand

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We Deliver Incremental Users to Your Brand

With Mani-Festo's new performance-first media buying technology, powered by AI and ML, you can drive more sales than ever before. And quite a lot of them. Our solution is designed to help you reach a larger and more targeted audience, resulting in a higher conversion rate and increased revenue.

This is Not Voodoo folks

Outrank the competition by focusing on exclusive media placements that directly target users during moments of intent.

Intent-Based Search

Find relevant leads with high conversion potential using Manifesto’s redirect technology.

Contextual Ads

We’re on a mission to find the best home for your ads.
Using in-text smart match technology, we ensure the correct ads are integrated seamlessly into the most relevant content.

Mobile Tiles

Mobile devices accurately reflect user personalities. Leverage mobile tiles to unlock relevant customer preferences and tap into their intent before they search.



Benefit from Manifesto’s direct partnerships with hundreds of keyboard apps on multiple devices. Target high intent shoppers before they perform a search as a top suggested result on their browser of choice.


BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) apps offer a new monetization model: They serve users with sponsored recommendations at the point of purchase, and offer them to pay in installments.


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Here’s what’s under Mani-Festo's platform’s hood:

AI and ML Algorithms

Empowering bidding engines on multiple traffic sources and exponentially enhancing campaign projection and prediction capabilities.

Bidding Engines

Highly powerful engines designed to automate the media buying process and optimize bidding for various traffic sources, ensuring

Connectivity Infrastructure

 Unleashing multiple protocols and integration methods combined with powerful trading system and computing for robust connectivity and stable large volume processing.


There’s More!

Mani-Festo's advanced media buying capabilities provide you with bang-on traffic to best fit your goals and budget.

Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning

From brand research to campaign strategizing, to hit your targets.

Comprehensive Analytics

AI-driven analytics that provides clear campaign performance data.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Based on KPIs and optimized for performance.

Customer Experience

Customer-centric approach for phenomenal rewards.


We’re also


Supporting organizations of all sizes and sectors, we offer flexible pricing models. We call it CPA to Z.

Tell us your need and goals, and we will provide you with an optimally priced, tailored solution.

Customization Ready

We understand the importance of seamless integration and ease of use. That's why we offer API integration that is both fast and simple, saving you time and resources.

Regarding Compliance

Based exclusively on 1st party data, our media buying tech is privacy regulation ready.

Keeping personal data collection to a minimum, our dedicated compliance team closely oversees all business operations.

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