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User Acquisition Alchemy

The Manifesto
Advertising Glossary

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Old school advertising where advertisers pay publishers for every (!) click an ad receives.

CPA (Cost-per-Action)

An equally old method, where the advertiser only pays if the target customer performs a particular action.

CPL (Cost-per-Lead)

Still old, this is where the advertiser pays a set price for every lead they receive from a particular ad.

North Star KPI

Let us rocket you into office stardom with this magical company key performance indicator.

Revenue share

We are so confident about what we do, we only make money if you do by accepting a percentage of the revenues earned.

Email marketing

That’s when we promote your agenda to your list using eye-catching graphics and words that seal the deal. 

Affiliate marketing

You’ll love this one. Taking advantage of companies and products that complement your offer and giving them a reason to refer their audience to you.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increasing the conversion percentage you receive from mobile and cellular assets. A walk in the park for our proprietary optimization technology.

Lead Generation

What we live for. Generating the relevant leads from interested parties to your site.

Content Development

Our secret digital sauce that turns any content into an uncontrollable conversion machine, matched with the perfect imagery.

Social Media

Watch us create the perfect content for each networking platform. to promote your agenda and get you the customers you want. 

Review Acquisition

Let’s talk objectivity. Acquiring and displaying the reviews you want potential clients to see so that you appear awesome and gain credibility.  

Search Media Solutions

As nobody looks at page 2, we ensure your company’s name is at the top of the search engines or social media sites’ list.

Media Solutions

Basically, all those media, content, or marketing strategies we use to get your customers running in the right direction.

High-Intent Consumers

Those fine users that have previously shown an intent to purchase your product or service through their actions online.

Intent Advertising

Creating a high-converting campaign by focusing marketing efforts on users who have expressed interest in purchasing a particular item.

User Value

This one refers to the value customers receive from your product or service which provides them with a sense of satisfaction. 

Performance Media

The Manifesto way. Result-oriented advertising where we only get paid when you get the results you want, be it clicks, leads, or emails.

Performance Marketing

Launching performance-oriented native ads, content marketing, SEM, SEO, social media, affiliate marketing, and sponsored content to turn your target audience into paying customers.

Performance Technology

The key to Manifesto’s success and literal bread and butter.  Marketing initiative performance tracking via different software and programs.


Backed by our proprietary technology, this marketing magic allows you to achieve your target aka North Star KPI. 

Incremental Reach

Seamlessly monitor your campaign impact and watch it grow with this fabulous indicator.

Customer Acquisition

AKA search and convert. Reaching new customers and getting them to explore and ultimately purchase your product or service. 

Intent and Audience-Based Targeting

How we target your key audiences and those interested in your product or service - and convert them into customers.   

Contextual Advertising

The way our algorithms place your ads amongst the most relevant content so that interested users end up on your doorstep. 

Native Advertising

Going under cover. Placing ads that follow the layout of the content on a page for a seamless, non-intrusive way to get your company seen.

Incremental search

Guaranteeing your name is at the top of any search engine list via real-time suggestions that find text similar to what your customers are typing.

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