Mani-Festo is part of Intango. Looking forward to growing together with advertisers and publishers!

We’ve Got Your Back.

Look Who’s Got Ours.

Mani-Festo is part of Intango Group. Since 2007, Intango has been a forward-thinking technology company that specializes in providing smart media buying solutions and services to some of the most prominent brand advertisers and search engines in the industry. You know, the cool kids on the block 😉

With a dedication to innovation and a deep understanding of the latest trends and technologies, Intango is a trusted partner for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's fast-paced world.

Our Mani(festo)

We’re on a Mission
to Keep
the Internet Open

Digital Power to the People

An open internet means progress and life.
Faced with a monopolized digital reality, we’ve developed new channels to deliver your message to new people in new places - rather than the same-traffic-less-conversion drill.

The Man-Machine Effect

Interesting things happen when you bring together AI-based media buying monster platforms and a team of heavy-weight account managers. So we did. And digital advertising became a whole lot more effective, while delivering advertisers with an up-close service.

What We Believe in

Freedom of Manifestation

Get the word about your business to larger,
high-intent audiences; pay
less, convert more.

Freedom of Choice

Gain control over your
marketing instead of settling
for existing advertising

Freedom of Knowledge

Seamlessly measure and optimize campaign impact
in real time for super-sized results.

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