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Customer Experience vs. Walled Gardens

Providing a cohesive experience in 2023 

requires new traffic channels 

People, we’ve got a conflict on our hands!

Your customers expect a personalized, tailored experience that speaks directly to their needs. 

Addressing them through the same traffic channels over and over misses the point, as they don’t interact with your brand through a single method or platform. Known as closed gardens, these channels restrict you to a campaign-only lens, avoiding that cohesive customer experience that is so necessary today.

It’s time to break free.

To deliver the desired results, we must understand the specific interactions in the customer’s entire journey and focus on the complete experience, rather than settle for point-in-time campaigns. Gaining a complete outlook is key to creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with customers.

ManiFesto works off-gardens. 

Operating outside of major search engines, we activate exclusive media channels that allow you to deliver an accurate, ongoing, cross-channel experience – and bring incremental users to your brand. Providing your customers with the feeling they are recognized and understood results in a boost to sales and loyalty. 

Let’s talk numbers. 

Our performance-based model means high intent traffic for lower user acquisition costs. Plus, by continuously optimizing your campaigns, we make sure you outdo your KPIs for the same budget. 

See for yourself.

Check out our in-house tech stack, featuring beauties such as Intent-Based Search, 

Push Notifications, and Contextual Advertising to get a glimpse of what could await your brand in 2023.  

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