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The Push Era

Yep, push notifications are 2023’s king

Look who’s back

Push notifications have been around since 2009. So, what made them the marketing equivalent of Kate Bush’s Running Up that Hill comeback and every marketer’s fantasy all of a sudden? We’ve got two answers for you.

Email marketing is simply not enough

The email marketing landscape is so saturated that it has become an ineffective channel for truly connecting with audiences. Consequently, brands must find an alternative. 

Phone addiction is peaking

People continue to use mobile phones as their main source of online activity — including brand search and online shopping. So it only makes sense that brands are turning to push notifications as a more effective way to capture customer attention. Not a bad idea, since over 50% of consumers authorize push notifications thereby allowing brands to keep in touch. 

We push push further

ManiFesto’s push notification solutions are highly-targeted and non-invasive, providing an interactive user experience. That is push notifications that people actually enjoy and will engage with the next time. And the one after that. 

And this is where it gets even better

Using these mega-push capabilities, we create campaigns that accurately target and reach your high-intent users wherever they are, on both desktop and mobile devices. Sweet.

Wanna be running up that marketing road, running up that hill, with no problem?

Sure thing, boss. We’d gladly provide further details or even better yet, unleash a demo to demonstrate the new push

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