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Privacy vs. Cookies

Google’s privacy revolution requires alternative targeting solutions

Here’s the bottom line of this article: keep calm.

Due to rising privacy concerns, Google is killing third-party cookies in Chrome by the end of 2024. We know. You’re probably using these meanies to track user behavior and deliver customized experiences. Now, before you do anything drastic, let’s remember that other browsers like Safari did this long ago, and tracking still thrives there. 

So, what are you saying?

That in order to remain relevant in the new consent-based marketing era, alternative targeting solutions are required to deliver highly personalized content and ads. Which is what we’re all about. 

ManiFesto’s media buying is based exclusively on 1st party data.

Or simply put, we rely on data collected directly from customers; allowing for 100% end-user consent tracking, compliant with potential privacy regulation changes. The other good news is that our context-based marketing methods are centralized, easy to implement, and don’t require substantial changes to your current marketing infrastructure. 

Nice, eh? But that’s not all. 

Combining sci-fi media buying tech and unique traffic channels, our solutions keep you way more than covered in the lead count field as well. We’re talking high volume, high intent, high fit leads.  

Care to join us for a spin?

For more details on our 1st party data marketing solutions, please contact our people 1st service team or visit our website: 

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