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Gen-Z for Dummies

A quick guide to communicating with Zoomers 

Let’s warm up with the basics. 

Gen-Z refers to people born between 1997-2012. Which makes them digitally native, and natural in both offline and online worlds. Recent research also indicates they are highly educated and driven by seeking the truth. Oh, and that their disposable income hit $360 billion.

Want to bring Zoomers into your world?

Don’t! Meet them in theirs. Put your efforts into understanding their unmet needs, prioritize relevance and authenticity over homogenous singularity, and embrace the diverse, visual worlds they inhabit.

Any specific tips?

Yep; here goes:

  1. Know your channels – one-content-fits-all won’t work. Each channel serves a different purpose, and your content should reflect that. TikTok, for example, is fun-focused, while news and updates are better served via Twitter.
  2. Keep it real – authenticity and transparency go a long way with Zoomers. Rather than hiding behind fancy markety slogans, wear your brand’s heart on your digital sleeve, and put your worldview, values, and people up front.
  3. But be fun – having a unique and clear agenda is important, as long as doesn’t get tiring and suck up all the fun. Creative, bald, and, well, fun, attitude and content will score you extra points. 
  4. Blur the lines – instead of bombing your audience with campaigns and PR, encourage them to respond, or better yet, to create, content. And prefer user-generated content over worn-out stock photos and videos.
  5. Use influencers – influencer marketing is still a powerful tool for reaching specific audiences. Perceived as real and authentic, the impact of opinion leaders is something you can’t afford to overlook.
  6. Go hybrid – here’s a surprising fact – most Zoomers prefer a digi-physi marketing experience, blending online shopping with visits to the good old brick-and-mortar stores.  


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