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AI Rising

Machines are here and they’re changing marketing

Let’s get personal. 

So, personalization is the current marketing king. Great! But how do you serve millions of customers with tailored messages at the right time, 24/7? Making crucial decisions within nanoseconds, in a constantly volatile market could knock out even your elite marketing team.

It’s time to send in the machines.

Artificial Intelligence. Real results. 

AI has been one of marketing’s top trends over the last few years. Integrated into almost every digital marketing channel, AI provides marketers with a clearer, more comprehensive understanding of their audiences; accurately connecting them to the exact products and messages.

AI-based algorithms assist marketing teams in determining the social media posts they engage with, the search results, and even the ads displayed; driving higher conversions while easing the workload.

Do the Manifesto.

Leveraging monster AI capabilities, Manifesto’s proprietary performance-first media buying technology, catapults your marketing to the next-next level. 

This killer platform empowers the bidding engines on multiple traffic sources, generating hot leads you wouldn’t otherwise encounter; and it enhances projection and prediction capabilities of campaign success on a large scale, ensuring you hit target audiences spot on and maximize marketing strategy ROI. 

That’s no voodoo, folks.

With AI on our side, we’ve got it all covered from the start:

  1. Delivering highly accurate digital marketing strategies and planning.
  2. Launching data-driven, KPI- based, optimized-for-performance campaigns.
  3. Performing real-time analytics to gain clear performance data and constantly improve results.

Look over our shoulder.

Taking advantage of the 15-year marketing disruption spree unleashed by our parent company Intango, for world beaters such as Amazon and Wix; we continue to push AI to the limit. 

For more details on AI and ML-based marketing solutions, please visit our website:

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